August 15th, 2018


There i am, already for the first day of school.

Here we are, greeting "HAPPY WEDNESDAY", or as they say now days, Hump day. I'm adjusting just nicely to not being able to use my kitchen sink. The plumber is booked full for a while, so I'm just waiting my time till he makes the service call. I also have the tree guy coming some time this year. If it aint one thing.
I'm trying to decide if now is the right time to re-do my computer, or wait. I think NOW is the time. There is so much junk on this machine, i'm surprized it can even start! I used to reinstall everything, atlease three times a year. Now, its been over 2 years or so.
Otherwise, things are good over here. i mowed the lawn, the cat is calling me to cuddle and pet him. What a world.
ok, I'm off

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