August 12th, 2018


Here we are, the week school starts...."YAY"

I do miss returning to school in the fall. Both college and elementary school. They were both special. You'd meet your friends who you haven't seen since last spring, and catch up with what they're doing. The one thing you'd notice they've been doing is, growing!   Taller, more Muscular. and in the case of girls/ women, more beautiful, if that is possible. I happen to think all females are beautiful. period!
College is a different matter. returning to class in college usually was meant with different clothing and the usual blue jeans. Which was then, and is now, cool.  But that was then. Now, I'm an adult so, mow the lawn, clean the house, take out the trash, and make time to cuddle the cat!  Be sure to make time to cuddle the cat!
 But being an adult, as you get older, your friends leave......But, it's a good life.
Ok, i'm off
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