August 6th, 2018

Boys be boys

ah, rain and much cooler temps.

A great way to start the week. I'm still waiting to hear from sony, though its only been 4 days, 2 of which were the weekend, they don't count.
Today is tired Monday. I'm not sure why, but this heat has tuckered me right out. Like i ran a race. I'm empty of energy. just want to recoup my energy and rest up. Then watch out. I'll take a nap. I'll show you.
So, yes, it seems like i have a dead tree in my back yard. oh no, not the little 20 foot one. oh no. this is the godzilla tree, thats the tallest one in my yard. So off i go to call the tree people. "Tree Works". Good people.
I got the club minutes done, for both meetings, and corrected the mistake. I also almost ran the batteries in my voice recorder dead. Wow.  But it does make life easier.
So, welcome to soggy Monday, but we do need the rain.
ok, I'm off
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