August 4th, 2018


Waiting for Professor Gizmo...

Had a long meeting last night. 1 hour 44 minutes. but we learned a lot about the turtle behaviors and their habitats. interesting.
Then we went out to Denny's and i froze. I sat right next to an AC vent. I couldn't change my seating either. But a little price to pay when i think that today we are supposed to get up to 90 degrees with high dew point. YUCK.
Well, paid my bills. YAY. Now i'm broke. Not-Yay.  Well, ok, not really broke, but i feel that way.
So today is secretary stuff: update the By-Laws and write out the minutes. Then, just watch the Thermometer move upwards. So off to work i go. ( laundry)
I'm off
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