August 3rd, 2018


IT's TGIF and the first offical Friday of August.

I got a lot done yesterday. wrote the board club minutes and then watched some more YouTube videos on Skyrim. Now today, i get to go grocery shopping, and then soak in a nice hot tub, before going to the club general meeting.  YAY. it's also the start of a August heat wave: high dew points and temperatures to match!
YAY Me. Then i get to plan on really cleaning up the back yard and calling the tree people. Yup, i have another dead tree!  Oh well. Look at it this way, money is meant to be spend, tree removeval is just a good place as not to spent it.
ok, enjoy your really hot, and humid weekend. GO OUT AND PLAY.  run through your neighbors sprinkler.
I'm off
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