August 1st, 2018


We made it! Happy August 1st.

Yes. we're out of July and into hot, muggy August. Good things about August, School starts back up, we get less sunlight and early to bed time. Oh, and some trees will shed their leaves.
Ah, August.
For me, I get to be secretary tonight, then come home and write up the board meeting minutes. Then, if i'm not too tired from all the excitement, watch the last book of The last air bender.
Since my Sony PS-4 malfunctioned, I am left to watching videos on YouTube on the different mods for Skyrim. Oh, how i miss the adventure, the excitement, the thrill of meeting new people who want to eat me??
Well, something like that.
I've been looking at musical Instruments. It's just something I'm interested in investigating at the moment. WOW. talk about price increases!  a nose harp is just as musical!
ok, i'm off.
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