July 31st, 2018


He'll be back...Godzilla, King of the Monters. Next summer.

I can't wait, they'll all be there, Rodan, Gilhildra, and of course  Godzilla. I just saw the first trailer for it. YAY.
But till then, I have to pack up my Sony PS-4. The bluray drive died!  after only 10 months?? Somethings not right here. They should last till the cows come home. The computer I'm using right now Cd/Dvd drive is 11 years old. Oh well.  I miss my Skyrim and Fallout 4. They help to keep my mind sharp. RPG's do that.
But i also have the club stuff to do, and that takes time too.
Did i leave out mowing the lawn?  sprinkling the lawn? Yup. oh well.
Time to wake up.
I'm off
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