July 27th, 2018


its TGIF and a sleepy one it is.

I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open. tired. there, i just fell asleep for over a hour and a half. I was tired.
But, here we are, TGIF. Another start to the absolute last weekend in July!  Summer is going quickly.
Got everthing done yesterday that i had planed to do. Now thats a great wayto start off a weekend.
Even went out to eat at Denny's last night. Real quiet restrurant: the freeway is closed in one direction, and people simply are not getting off to eat at Denny's right now.
Then the bad news hit: my blue ray drive in the ps-4 died. we had to manually get the disc out.  Gosh, its only 10 months old too. So, off to the repair people it goes and ship to me a refurbilished  unit. Yay.
So today is a good day to finish off a lot of little things.
enjoy the weekend.
I'm off
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