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July 22nd, 2018

YAY. It's peaceful Sunday.

Nice, cool and just a sprinkle of rain.  More there than here.  So this Sunday, i'll make up a list for those folks who are voting for HOTY. kind of.
It's an interesting day. I expect to hear from my pal on if he got his server up and running. I expect not. Running a computer for 15 years with out turning it off, kind of excedes its design life. mine only lasted 11 years, and i thought that was great. But his server uses Xeon processors. Not the cheapest cpu's around.
so, while i sit here, and wonder what connection there exists between June 1 and July 21, I have to think that the weather does in deed efffect arthritis. it sure does/ is mine right now. This i would normally expect in August, not june and July. What is coming in August?
ok, i'm off