July 21st, 2018

Boys be boys

ah, cool, kind of soggy, Saturday.

This is starting out to be a very pleasent weekend. just the right temp, and low humidity. well, except for the nice spotty rain, when it falls.  But,  its nice and cool. So today i may start creating the "Ham of the Year" web site. I've got the materials, and i've got the web hosting, but i thought i might try and dress it up a tad. I also have to send some other clubs blank pages to them: I thought they had some, but i guess not. It's a good thing i save everything.
I may even watch, or should i say, start to watch, The last air bender. 1252 minutes long. No, i don't think i'll get through it in one sitting.
So, time to get with it.
I'm off
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