July 7th, 2018


ah, what a nice morning to sleepin....with the cat of course!

yes, the dew points are in the 50, the temp is 71 and just a little breeze. ah. what a nice morning to sit on the front porch and sip hot coffee. ah, now this is the life.  In the summer time.
But all good moments do come to an end. I have a back yard that needs mowing, brushes that really need trimming and of course, a cat who needs a lap to lay on.
what a life.
I really got luck last night: my Priest called me to check up on the information i had on his cousin. Nothing new there. Then this morning, his cousin called from the hospital bed!  Am i lucky or what!  He sounded really good and happy. He's going to check out some assisnted living units.  Then he'll call me back.
It's been a great week. Now on to the backyard.   oh yawn.......maybe in a while.
Ok, i'm off
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