July 4th, 2018

Boys be boys


My neighbors started early with the fireworks. They stared my cat and ME. I swear, it sounded more like a canon going off than fireworks. But besides the noise, we slept in today. I guess i must really have been tired from all the work i did yesterday.
I finally, mowed the front and part of the rear yard. "WOW".  That heat got me sweating so much, i actually got my jeans wet and my shirt sticking to my body!  But, i got the front done and will finish the rear tomorrow. I hope.
I also decided i had grass growing in my front yard, not hay. so out comes the sprinkler. a good 3 hour soak helped a lot. I may repeat that tonight.
i also finished up the newsletter and the "in memorial" page for Carl. so Carl's obit is listed on both clubs websites and newsletters.
I also included a topic in our Tuesday night net: "as Carl and his wife would help others in need, why don't we try and help those people who need help in all this nasty heat".
ok, Happy 4Th of July.
I'm off
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