July 1st, 2018

Boys be boys

Now this is hot.

Wow, 85 degrees. Inside my house at 1:24AM!   I had to drain the AC again, second day in a row. And it needed it.  So hot, i spent most of the night working on the Newsletter and investigatin why the screen went blank: it was Microsoft software gizmo that caused that.  You know what would be nice to sse on TV right now?  a video of a waterfall, with sound. No interuptions, but the water and sound itself. ah.......
Day 3 i couldn't mow the lawn.  I'm going to be really busy come Tuesday.
as for today, just survive and keeping composing the newsletter. i want it out for this Friday's club meeting.
YAY us.
ok, i'm off
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    hum from the AC