June 28th, 2018

Boys be boys

we've been waiting for this all winter long...

The hot, humid days of summer. Starting tomorrow. click, the AC gets a really good work out. The rest of us, sit and wait till the temperature gets back to normal living. like, 73 degrees, with dew points of 54. YAY. But not this coming week(s).
So today, I should go up to the avenue and get my eggs for breakfast: i'm sure not going to walk in weather with a heat index of 105! Oh, did i say "mow" the lawn today?  Well i didn't say it, but it needs to be done. at least once a summer.
Otherwise, become a roving reporter for our club's newsletter, "THE QRM".
oh well, time to get going. Stay safe over the next 10 days!
I'm off
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    kittys' meowing.