June 23rd, 2018


ah, sleeping in on a summer Saturday...zzzzzz

The cat and i slept in today. felt really good too.  we woke up for the 4:14AM cat feeding; both mine and the two outdoor kittys.  and then, right back to sleep we went.  I finally figured out that scooter the cat, wants to currle up on my chest at night! So thats what he's been doing these past nights.
If somebody had their nails cut...
So today is Field Day 2018. Thats when all the Ham Radio operators can operate outdoors to test their emergency Preparedness. its a lot of fun setting up antennas, getting generators to run and string up coax to the antennas. A lot of work, but fun. They only operate for 24 hours, depending when they started operating.
today is a good day to compose our next newsletter. Its a lot of work, but its great to publish a newsletter for others.  ok, its fun too.
ok, time to go.
I'm off
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