June 18th, 2018

Boys be boys

a sweating, hot, very humid summer night. With a furry cat rapped around your arm

So, this is what its like during the longest days of summer. I believe the Sumer equinox is June 22?? Then, we start to lose minutes each day, till, that big fat guy in the red suit and all those reindeers fly through the sky. ( hopefully, bringing us the toys he didn't bring last year).
I tried to set out on the front porch yesterday: i could only manage 14 minutes.  Either come inside, or turn over and cook the other side.
How hot is it?  I haven't heard one glee from any of the neighborhood kids! No running through the sprinkler, no hopscotch.   What is summer without all of that, not to mention softball and skate boarding.
Some summer.
I'm off
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