June 17th, 2018

Boys be boys

the sweltering heat?

So far, our weather Prognosticators are batting 50: yes, the sun does rise in the morning.  But hey, they may have missed a few classes on prediction. Rain Saturday, missed the high temp for last night: it was suppose to break a record by several degrees. instead, my temp indicated 69 degrees.
But enough about weather. Now on to how to greet "FATHERS DAY", 2018. I think a nice new set of garden tools would be nice, or a 4kh tv ( not so sure on that one).
But i'll settle on holding the warm, fuzzy cat on my lap in 88 degree weather, all the time as i pet him and tell him how Majestic he is.
So Happy Father's Day.  Dads!
I'm off
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