June 11th, 2018

bonsai Tree

3 weeks of the longest days, then.....

Yes, the time is moving quickly now. I can almost smell the aroma of a cooked turkey?  "Should i bring up the Christmas tree yet?"
Ok, yes, sure. I'm being silly, but wow. once you get to a certain age, the time seems to fly by.  Thankfully, things like frost bite and shoveling and slipping on icy sidewalks is way, way down the time line. Like, 10 years from now?
ok, So i search for web creation software and find that nobody except large corperations seem interested in having their own employee designing and maintaining their web presence.  Really?  Think again. I like being creative, and using the internet as a canvas for my ideas. So i guess I'll have to work harder this time around. but, never fear, i can do it. ( with the cats help of course!)
Ok, i'm off
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