June 10th, 2018

bonsai Tree

is this early fall??

Today started out great. The cat and I slept in for a whole hour later than we normally would. Yay.   That translates waking up at 9AM instead of sleeping in till at least 10AM. YAY cat and i.
But it helped us both out.  I've got a lot of paper stuff to start or get accomplished today. HA HA HA.
ok, it will be started. That sounds more like it.
But, its going to get done.
I have a bunch of orders to receive this week: Clothes. I don't usually buy wear stuff like this, but losing so much weight and my shirt and pants size has changed so much, i really don't have a choice. No, your not going to use a belt to hold up a size 50 pants when you now wear size 40. Shirt size has diminished too. While i do feel much better at this weight, my wallet doesn't!
Boy, clothes sure have increased in price and diminished in quality! Oh well.
I'm off

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