June 6th, 2018


yup. He should be back later this year or early next year.

There's nothing like being woke up to the sound of the furnace kicking on???? On June 6th?? that means it must be in the lower 50's in the house.
So i found where i stuck all of the Ham of the year documents. Now i just need to create a new web site to hold them. The sad news is that the program i was using to protect the site from prying eyes, is gone. So, i'll have to be very careful what i put up on the site.
I still haven't got my lawn mower back. I hope he's just overwhelmed with repairing other peoples' mowers. that would be ok with me. Keep him busy and keep him here.
So today is Happy Wednesday. YAY. just because.....
ok, i'm off.
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    hearing the furnace blower.