June 5th, 2018


"Summer Session is in session". Teacher this summer...."Mr.Bumpy"

Well, that was nice. I walked up to the avenue and made my visit to our latest tentant: Lake Michigan Credit Union".  Wow, I actually felt better than i did when Old Kent Bank was there. and thats saying something. They opened the door for me and greeted me. Wow, how different from when 5/3 moved in there. Glad they moved.
So i walked up there, and if you remember, i had trouble walking on Friday due to muscle spasms. oh they hurt. Well, they left as quick as they came. and no apparent damage. at least none has showed up yet.
So today i'll follow up on designing the new newsletter. I've got some new ideas i want to try. I bet it'll work out ok. But no photographs.  Laser printers do not like photographs. they drink way too much toner. But we'll see whats what.
ok, i'm off
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