May 31st, 2018


I got Drenched last night leaving the club meeting!

A down pour is one thing, but last night just got me wet to my skin.  But it felt like a nice, pleasent spring shower, if it hadn't been coming down so fast and hard.
I had a nice time at the meeting and got to try out my new Sony audio voice recorded: It works great!
I then tried to relax at home before beddy-bye, but no luck. i fell asleep in the chair. Drats comfortable chair anyway.
I then saw an annoucement from Bethesda Game Studios: They're coming out with "FALLOUT 76". When, i'm not sure. Gosh, i'm onlly 11% into Fallout 4!  Got a long way to go.
I rolled out the carts today. Was greeted by humid and hot August weather on the last day of May!
If it wasn't so funny, it would be scary.
ok, i'm off
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