May 27th, 2018


click. fall, click, winter, click click. SUMMER + spring.

Now this is what i call jumping ahead of oneself. 3 weeks ago, i shoveled snow. today and the next 3 days will see us get into the lower 90's.  Too much too soon.
Had a pretty good day yesterday. I heard from a guy i haven't heard from in months, he's got medical problems he's dealing with.  I decided to wait till 9PM to go out and have  a late night dinner with my pal. He's busy helping his wife, who is getting over a stroke or just oodles of blood clots. not sure which. Life just changed for him in an instance.
It was an interesting dinner. we were one of 5 people in Denny's on a Saturday night. Seems the freeway was closed due to construction.  We had an interesting evening. I had an extra order of brocoli. Yum.
ok, it's Sunday. enjoy.
I'm off
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