May 22nd, 2018


if you have kids, on the last 3 weeks of school, this is what they think their ..

Teacher is like. Summer vacation is fast approching us. that means, skate boards, swumming, drive in movies......... Ok, scratch the drive in movies. But after the first 2 weeks, " mom, there's nothing to do...".
So it goes. Now I"m always thinking i loved the last few days of school, except college, now that was simply work and it end with the summer break. There was always something else to do, research, apply to grad school...ect ect.
But it's summer. YAY. No more icy sidewalks, shoveling snow.  YAY us. ( till about 5 months from now).
So it's glorious Tuesday. Just do the work and cuddle the cat.
I'm off
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