May 21st, 2018

Few Clowns short

Well, thats how i feel today. a few clowns short of a circus.

I've been dealing with Mr.Arthritis, who simply loves this up and down weather.  First, winter, then summer, then back to fall and ect ect. I know how a duncan yo-yo feels!
But maybe, just maybe, we're on the right road to normalcy. you Know, 70 degree days with just a touch of a breeze. ah.....
So today Hoffactor is picking up my lawn mower. It wouldn't start. it would turn over, but not catch. 25 years it starts without a hitch. now, three times it has been in the shop. but a great shop it is.
So now i plan on picking out a roll off bin ( dipsy dumster). I have way too much stuff to toss out using just a trash cart. so we get a large dumster parked in the driveway.
so this is how i'll spend my Monday. YAY me.
I'm off
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