May 14th, 2018


Yes, its back! "Bubble Gum Crisis" is being released on Blu Ray.

I never would have thought it possible. Maybe they'll start releasing the older movies on Blu Ray. Now that would be neat.
Well, my friends wife is still in the hospital. They don't know what caused it, but she wa bleeding in her brain. That was Friday. She's better, but they're still doing tests. Pray for her and the whole family. What a husband! He hasn't left her side since Friday when he took her in to emergency.  I only hope if i ever do get married, i'm as good a husband as he is.
So today i had a lot planed, but thunder woke me up and then the rain. We weren't supposed to get rain today. So much for the reliability of forecasting.
Yesterday, on Mother's Day, I watched "Whiteout" with Kate Breching(?) of Underword fame. Well worth watching.
So today, I'll wait and hope the rain and thunder stops. Yay us. April showers in May?  and yes, the lawn needs mowing and yes, the AC needs to be placed in the window. We're going up to 80 twice this week. It doesn' rain but pours.
I'm off
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