May 12th, 2018


It's Saturday morning cartoons. YAY.

But, i slep in with the cat, so no cartoons for us. But wow, going to bed with lightening, and thunder? On May 11Th.  Something is not right.  Two weeks ago i had to shovel snow and now this?
But hey, its the weekend. YAY us. we can play, watch cartoons or sleep in,  if the cat will let us.
Well, I rescheduled my blood test till Wednesday. Yay me. I got a scare yesterday when my pal told me his wife may have had a stroke. He was in the E-room with her then.
Wow, things sure are happening fast.
Today is the mail mans food pantry collection. I've already got my stuff out for him. I spent a while last night checking the expiration dates on the cans.  I know I dont like surprizes, i'm sure other people dont either.
Ok, i'm off
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    hearing the furnace blower.