May 10th, 2018


wow, thunderstorms Wednesday night!

We had lightening, thunder and of course, rain and wind. Some wednesday night. My night critters didn't even bother to show up till 3AM.  Scooter the cat hid, just like "Franklin" the cat did. (yes, he did).
Tomorrow is my 6 month blood work check up. Yay me. I get to fast and fast and fast. Then come home and make a fool of myself by ordering a pizza.  Diet, ( which I'm not on) one pizza slice at a time.
So i'm almost finished with the award thingie. just got to straighten some things out. Think ahead, so i antisipate any problems.  Work work and more work. but its' all for a good cause.
And don't forget The mail mans grocery pick up this Saturday. They collect food for food pantries every Saturday before Mothers day. I've been donating to them for years.  It's nice to know your doing somebody else a needed service. in this case, providing canned food. Yes, there are starving people in this area, city, state and country. But we can all help out.  One day can make a difference.
Ok, i'm off
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