May 5th, 2018


My goodness. I'm really late in posting to LJ

I did a lot of writting work last ngiht after the club meeting. I'm the club secretary and they didn't record the meeting, so i had to really pay attention to what was being said. Then out to dinner with two friends and then back home and make a pot of coffee and get to work. This when it was 10:30PM! I got the stuff finished at 11:59PM.
Then the cat and i fell asleep and we woke up at 9:14AM.  couldn't even sleep in on Saturday. oh well. Made pdf's out of both documents ( board meeting + general meeting)  and checked the spelling and off they go to be uploaded. YAY me.
But not done yet, compose the wording for the award and had to call a friend to help me find the right word to use.
Done. ate dinner and took a bath and here i am. YAY me and the cat. ( he's suppervising me from the bed).
Now maybe i can enjoy the rest of Saturday. it's 7:15PM
enjoy the weekend.
I'm off
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