May 1st, 2018


Welcome to "MAY 1ST". Yay. winter has officially ended?

Well, winter could have ended. But don't bet on it. To celebrate the wonderful warmth we're getting, I walked up to the anvenue and got a $19.00 hair cut!  Yeah, you read right. I think I'm going to find another barber shop. Thats a tad too high for me. But i discovered i have Dandruff, and how!  Wow, I guess i need to take much better care of my hair.
My good friend, Jim KI8JD's father passed away this past Saturday from cancer.  I only talked with his dad once, but i liked him. it was a pure joy chating with him. He was 88. I should be so lucky.
So now, on the first day of MAY, I'm planing on re-doing my computer. it needs cleaning, inside and out. specially, the software. I'm waiting for the backup hard drive now. That should take me about a whole day to back up Thor. Thor is the name i gave my desktop computer. This was preceaded by the names Zero 1, Zero 2 and my last one, Zero 3.  That name came from my computer science professor, Gary Griffens: he named our college's mainframe computer Zero: because that is the only thing it couldn't do, divide by zero.  Ah, those were the days! flow charting, programming. I do miss them.
ok, i'm off
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