April 30th, 2018


We made it! The last day of April!

Next up, May 1th. YAY us. No more snow, icy sidewalks and slippery roads. YAY us. Now, get the yard cleaned up, rake the winter off the grass. Decide which part of the house you want to paint.
See, if it aints shoveling snow, its raking leaves.
But, it'll be warmer. a lot warmer.
So today, I try and see if the other club responds to my letter of inquiry. Hopefully they will. I almost have the plaque composed. The first week of May is a busy one. Tuesday night, net night. Wednesday night board meeting. Thursday grocery night and friday, club meeting night. Wow, what a busy week. and I'm thinking of getting a hair cut too. I think i'll take a nap with the cat. yeah. thats the ticket.
Ok, I'm off.
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