April 17th, 2018

happy me

"YAY" this might be the absolute last of winter! Maybe..

YAY, winter is truly on the way out. But what is going to replace it?  "FALL?". That sends chills up my spine. NO, Spring is finally going to make a entrance. YAY.
So today i get to read over some documents and maybe make up a grocery list. Yes, a grocery list. It's early, but I always forget a lot of stuff i need and only remember to get the stuff after i get back from the grocery store. So i'll try something different this time. I hope it works.
So last night, i watched "The Mummy" with Tom Cruise. I liked it. finally a  horror movie that ends right!
ok, I should get going. its cold today, 24 degrees and you should see all the snow that fell last night. yuck.
I'm off
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    hearing the furnace blower.