April 16th, 2018

Throne of Blood

Today maybe the last day of winter??

So here we are, freezing everything, wind howling against the windows. snow, sleet and did i mention snow?  Well, it sure was different from Thursday, when we got up to 57 degrees and a beautiful day. This past weekend was anything but beautiful. Except those people who find snow covered trees and everything beautiful. That sounds like me. I love the winter. But not in the spring.
So its' black and blue Monday: we've sure taken a beating over this past weekend.
Today is simply get everything done i couldn't finish up over the weekend, which is just about everything. Gosh, talk about a lazy bones!  But resting is good for you just like vitamines!  Unless you have a cat want to curl up on your lap. and go to sleep. Well, he keeps me warm.
ok, i'm off
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