April 15th, 2018

Throne of Blood

thats what it looks like over here today.

Sleet, snow, freezing rain and howling wind. Yay. It's Spring time in Michigan! One can go water sking and snowmobiling during the same day.
My Sunday paper was 6 hours late arriving today. I'm surprized they even got out to deliver it!  The "everything" is coated with ice and slippery. Wow, wonder if last Thursdays' high of 65 degrees was our summer?  Maybe that was it?  Hope not, but i will sure will save oodles on gasoline for my mower.
So today i finish up the design stuff. I also look for the new web designing software. It's like nobody is interested in creating stuff any more. Just buy it pre-packaged.  Good luck with that.
How can one express one's own intermost feeling about life and the world with prepacked stuff?  I don't think one can. But to put a brush in ones hands, or mouse, that can make all the difference in the world.
ok, off the soap box i slip.
Enjoy the last breath of winter.
I'm off
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