April 10th, 2018

Jun spreading her wings

it's Happy, bright sunny, but very cold Tuesday.

I guess winter is never going to end. Good thing I left my snow shovel near the front door.
Well, i got the database thing finally done. What a lot of work was left for me to do! I'm tired of looking up addresses on QRZ! Good thing I have a sense of humor, right?
So today, I might get back to designing the banner for the newsletter. I'm glad i kept all my designing software. Microsoft is really out to lunch on that market. " Putting a bucket down a dry well", is one way to state it. But, i like designing web pages and banners.  i just didn't think i'd have to start from scratch again.  It's good practice for me.
Ok, time to hug and hold the cat.
I'm off
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