April 5th, 2018

Avalon Trolley

another snowy, cold winter day....in April??

ok, I'm officailly finished with winter. Bring on the heat wave of 50 + degrees. I'd settle for that.
Good deal. snow i mean. I don't really have to shovel it, and it's only slippery the very frist thing in the morning. But i got to ride in a car with sophia the dog and then roll up my neighbors cart and mine too.
Now just the garbage cart remains. YAY me.
I'm on a roll here.
So we had a pretty healthy discussion at the club meeting last night.  We have problems, sure, but all collection of people who share an interest have different opinions.  Thats life. but we can all be friends and work together.
Now today, I have to work together with the database. yuck. bring back MS Works!
ok, I'm off.
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