March 31st, 2018


He has Risen! "HAPPY EASTER"

Yes, the last day of March. YAY US. So with the first day of April, we may get snow?  yup.
Building snowmen is just as much fun as finding easter eggs and chocolate Rabbits. Isn't it??
Once again, the cat refused to let me sleep in. So i got the nose alarm going off in my face at 7AM. and on a Saturday too. So, alarm kitty gets me up, eats his breakfast, and promply jumps onto my lap so he can snooze. Cats!
But its going to be a nice day. i can tell. snow, wind and rain. Yay. this is the way we should see March leave us. And April will be nothing but sun shine and nice warm temperatures.
I can dream see.
ok, I'm off
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