March 24th, 2018

bonsai Tree

it's the begining of HOLY WEEK.

I am definetly going to get a calendare, so i know what important dates are coming.
I did manage to go to the funeral home to visit with the family and friends of my neighbor. Wow, talk about a family get together!  I met folks i haven't seen in over 20 years! and guess what, all the "kids" have grown up. It kind of hit me hard, that I'm the last man standing with our old neighborhood gang. Hard to believe, the youngster is the last one?
oh well, they're all the new batch of folks headed this way.
So today is the begining of "HOLY WEEK".  Busy time. I must now check to see what church I'll go to. I got woke this moring by a rapping on my bedroom window: it was the Watchtower folks handing out their invitation to Holy Week at their church.  I was having such a wonderful dream too. so time to get on with it. The albino skunk was visiting last night as well as a skitist young cat. time to refil their bowl.
Ok Im off
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