March 23rd, 2018


I finally finished "Blood+" . great anime

So here we are, "TGIF". Yay us. and no snow or rain in the forecast......"YET!"
But its a special day too. Today is the visitation for my neighbor who passed away last Sunday. He was 88 years young. That means, I'm the last man standing in our neighborhood. At lease from the original neighborhood gang. Now i do feel old.
But, as i stroke scooter the cat, who is on my lap as i type this, I know i'll always have company, maybe not always two legged, but still company.
Flower, the skunk, stopped by last night. Either she got really fat during the winter, or she is expecting.
Wow, this is going to be an exciting spring-summer!
ok, enjoy your / our weekend.
I'm off
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