March 19th, 2018


a sad day. The last of my neighborhood friends passed away.

He was 88 and went through a lot in his life. He beat cancer, diabeties, Pneumonia  and a host of broken bones. But old age finally did him in. He was our familes card playing pardner and also held a summer get together at his house. it was always fun. He is survived by 6 beautiful children, ( now adults) and family back home out east.
Yesterday was a quiet day, sort of. even with the blue sky and sun shining, its hard to feel like springs here when the temp is 33 degrees. and yes, there is snow in the forecast for later this week or next.
sigh. it's never going to end. winter is our new year long season. bummer!
But i still have my cat, Scooter the wonder cat, and my out door critters, specailly the albino skunk. should i name him flower?
Ok, I'm off
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