March 15th, 2018

cute cat

well, i certainly feel silly today.

Took a photo with my smarty-pants cell phone of our albino skunk.  She came back twice. beautiful. Then today, I found that some critters had chewed a hole in the front porch trash cantainer. I put it there so when kids go treat-or-treating, they have a place to throw their paper in. Yay. but i also put some burned out light bulbs in there and some old cat food. big mistake. they chewed a hole in the bottom and the bulbs fell out. So i had to sweep the porch of broken glass and old cat food. YAY me. except it was 25 degrees outside. Good thing the trash guy comes today.
otherwise, it was a pretty good day yesterday and i'm suming today will follow.  i asume.
ok, be silly day to day and remember, Saint Patrick's day is Saturday.
I'm off

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