March 14th, 2018


Wow, really cold to wake up Wednesday morning.

24 degrees and even the cat can't keep up warming me up. Of course if i hadn't walked out on the frotn porch in my barefeet to feed the feral cats, i'd probably be a lot warmer by now.
oh well. they're fed and i have cold feet!
So today is "HAPPY WEDNESDAY". Yes, i've decided that instead of calling Blue Monday Happy Monday, I'd call Wednesday a Happier Day. I think Wednesday deserves it.
So today is change the furnace filter, again and wheel out the cart. YAY me. at least no snow. or ice.
i finished watching "3 X 3 eyes". wow, thats been a long time since i saw that anime.  no idea about tonight, except watch perhaps season 5 of Star Trek Vayager. I kind of like that.
ok, off to the cold outdoors.
I'm off
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    hearing the furnace blower.