March 10th, 2018


Mr. Bumpy will try explain why we have daylight saving time. pop quiz to follow.

Yes, we go through that nonsense for spring forward an hour and wait till fall, and fall behind an hour. And people say wait till we grow up?
So here we all are, Saturday with the sun out melting what snow remains. can spring be far behind?  YES. we've got some more artic weather headed this way. sigh.
So on a Friday night, I stayed home, no bar hopping for me, and watched "resident evil- the final chapter".  I certainly hope so. enough with the zombies already.
So for tonight, either 3X3 eyes, or some other flick.  or just keep thinking about all the formating i need to do to get the next newsletter out.  if it aint one thing.....
ok, enjoy your Saturday.
I'm off
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