February 26th, 2018

Geneshalf all anim

YAY. I'm still excited. The river didn't floor, ( much), I already did the laundry and

I don't have any snow to shovel. YAY and now for a  happy dance!  Settle down. It's Happy Monday, A.K.A. as blue Monday.  I am deciding if i want to get a hair cut today. Yes, the sub-arctic temps may be gone till July(?). and plenty of sunshine. AH.....and most of the snow has melted. I'm dreaming, right?
But it is starting to become a very nice week. YAY.  But busy too, board meeting on Wednesday, possible rain on Thursday and we end up with the club meeting on Friday. Wow, oodles of meetings. But its' good to be helpful to others by using your talents to a good use!
ok, I'm off
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