February 21st, 2018

Yogi pointing

Thats Yogi, my samoyed pooch. He's wondering where the snow went to. He's in the Rainbow Bridge.

I miss my sammies. they are so special. But Scooter the majestic cat is a great friend to have around too. Today I need him. It went from 59 degrees last night to 32 degrees within 12 hours. ouch! That really fueled my arthritis.  But it will change back into winter shortly. That will be great. Now as for today. I was going to walk up to the avenue and do a little pick up shopping. You know, groceries i forgot to get Friday. But, all the wet we had yesterday, is probably now icy today. yuck. "Do i want to skate up to the  avenue?"  nope.
and i do have other stuff i need to do today anyway.
ok, i'm off
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