February 20th, 2018


ah, rainy Tuesday.....

This is also  do laundry day, change the cat litter box, sweep the floor where the cat litter box sits, break up shipping boxes.  That's already done!  "I'm a good boy!"  Now i try and take a trip down memory lane. I'm trying to remember all the people who have been nominated for Ham of the year. No task for the light hearted. 17 years is a long time to still be able to recall who was and who wasn't nominated. But, I can do it.
I also had a historic first: I wore a size pants that i haven't been able to wear since 1990 or so. Now that made me feel good, and broke at the same time. Now i should replace my shirts, pants, shoes and "unmentionalbles".   Now thats expensive! But my heart and blood presure love it!
ok, time to hold the cat. and pet him. and tell him how majestic he is.
Ok, I'm off
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