February 16th, 2018


While it is TGIF, its still a very sad day.

I'm speechless over the events that have happened in schools.  R.I.P.
So today is "Lets go shopping" for groceries. YAY. The cat is happy, this is the day he gets a fresh bag of cat food. He doesn't like older food. You know, from a bag that has been opened for 10 days!  What a cat. I had a surprize last night: My Priest called me up and we talked and he said he'd visit me today. YAY. Should be a happy time. But i know he's very busy, so if he's late or doesn't show, I'll understand.
So, how to walk on cement snow?  all the melted or almost melted snow has solidified and now is hard as a rock or, slippery as ice should be. oh boy. Cross your fingers. carrying 40 lbs of cat litter over that stuff is a test of some kind.
oh well.
I'm off
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