February 7th, 2018


Happy, shovel more snow Wednesday.

YAY. I get to go out and shovel a place to put hte cycle and trash carts. YAY. A dream come true!  I'm a complete man now.  I knew this day would come.  NOT!
Tuesday turned out to be ok Tuesday.  Learned how to operate Access, shovel all my neighbors ( all 3 of them) sidewalks and made a path for my neighbor who was gone for a while. Had to go over and check on her "bird". Yes, she has a bird and dog. fed the bird and changed the water,
Next up, i had my pal Rich D stop over. He showed me how to use Access. It should not be that hard. Modules be darned!
so today is cold, shoveling day. burrrrr.
ok, i'm off
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