February 2nd, 2018


sad news: pickldilly phil got run over by a snow plow; we'll have 6 months of winter!

Just kidding. Any critter that would show his head on a 10 degree day like today, is nuts. Maybe we should try watching goldfish? do they see their shadow?
Ok, enought of this nonsense. I'm in a goofy mood today. Board meeting on wednesday, thursday typing the minutes up and posting them to the webmaster. Today, pay bills YAY and go grocery shopping and then.....another meeting tonight.  I'm getting a little tired of meetings. especially when i have to record the minutes and then type them up and post them.  THIS IS A HOBBY FOLKS!
excise me, i just venting. everything will be ok.  well, with the exception of the temp dropping from 54 to 10 degrees. Now that is something we should shout about.
Hey, Happy February 2nd and HAPPY TGIF.
I'm off
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