January 30th, 2018


Boy, now that was / is cold.

My furnace died last night. it got cold. 11 degree drop.  But i called and should hear back shortly. I hope. even scooter the cat is cold. Of course, this couldn't happen last week during the 54 degree days.  Luck of the irish.
So today is stay warm as possible and get through all the house work i can accomplish. YAY me.
What a week ahead of me. Today, empty the cat litter box, tomorrow, board meeting. Friday, club meeting and dinner. and last, but not the only thing, Saturday "Get out of the cabin- New Hams dinner". if it aint one thing.....
But its good to be busy. especially when one is cold, and the cat is yelling at me.
oh boy.  what a way to start February. Ground hog day, Ash Wednesday and then we start Lent. good gosh....I'll be busy.
ok, I'm off
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